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Christchurch International Airport

Management of Concept Design Development

This assignment involved us managing the technical team procurement process for the concept development phase of Christchurch International Airport’s new terminal development programme.

The technical consultants were evaluated against four primary criteria—key personnel, relevant experience, approach and resourcing and unique benefits brought to the project. These were broken down in 24 sub-criteria—each weighted by selection panel agreement and graded on a scale of 1-10. Consultant fees were analysed against proposed man days for each technical team member to avoid under or over resourcing. Presentation material, panel feedback, evaluation scores, fee information and supplementary information was collated and summarised with recommendations made.


  • Advertising for expressions of interest.
  • Preparation/distribution of RFP documents.
  • Preparation/distribution of project briefing and scope of works documents.
  • Short-listing consultants and pre-interview briefing.
  • Preparing the interview evaluation template and criteria.
  • Managing the interview process as a member of the selection panel.
  • Summarising evaluation materials and making recommendations.
  • De-briefing interviewed consultants.

Christchurch International Airport Limited