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As a small-scale independent business your patronage means more to us and our focus is on results, not the number of clients. Maximising the financial outcome from a property or project sale or lease offering, a project development, or an acquisition, involves making important decisions. We understand this and are committed to ensuring the process is as straight forward as possible for the stakeholders involved through effective communication, provision of relevant, timely and high quality information and removal of barriers. Our deep experience, knowledge and systems allow us to provide a truly professional service and achieve an optimum result for our clients — regardless of the magnitude or complexity of the task.

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Robt. Jones vs MacDow

High Court Expert Witness

Perhaps the biggest property litigation in New Zealand history involved prospective investor Robt. Jones Investments defending a NZ$130 million liquidated damages claim from MacDow Properties relating to early withdrawal from a contract to purchase the Coopers & Lybrand (now ANZ) Tower in Auckland. The legal arguments focused on a fundamental requirement of the contract for certain leasing criteria to be achieved before the purchaser was obliged to acquire the building. Ipso facto if the thresholds could never have been met there was no obligation to purchase and there could be no liquidated damages claim.

In 1992 Nigel Mayson developed the first comprehensive relational database of commercial buildings and tenants for the Auckland property market which could interrogate data by various inputs such as building grade, location, tenant size, lease expiry, rental level etc. The database was an invaluable tool in modelling historical and predicted supply and demand trends and in preparing supporting evidence for this legal case.


  • Analysis of current building vacancy and demand levels.
  • Analysis of building stock and tenant numbers by property category.
  • Description of underlying factors affecting supply and demand.
  • Forecasting the potential future level of demand.
  • Modelling impacts of oversupply and scarce tenant demand on reversionary rentals.
  • Forecasting future investment value.
  • Presentation of expert evidence in court.

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