What sets us apart

As a small-scale independent business your patronage means more to us and our focus is on results, not the number of clients. Maximising the financial outcome from a property or project sale or lease offering, a project development, or an acquisition, involves making important decisions. We understand this and are committed to ensuring the process is as straight forward as possible for the stakeholders involved through effective communication, provision of relevant, timely and high quality information and removal of barriers. Our deep experience, knowledge and systems allow us to provide a truly professional service and achieve an optimum result for our clients — regardless of the magnitude or complexity of the task.

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South of Lichfield

Development Direction

The South of Lichfield (SOL) project involved re-working a precinct of derelict urban buildings interconnected by lanes that had been completely neglected by civic and heritage authorities and by property investors. SOL faced substantial design, financial, tenanting, heritage, earthquake strengthening and consenting hurdles. The master plan was developed drawing on international best practice and the expertise of United States based urban planners Duany Plater Zyberk. The end result won numerous accolades and awards.


  • Development Director for eight individual projects.
  • Procurement of local authority resource consents.
  • Obtaining building consents and heritage consents.
  • Marketing and PR.
  • Property acquisition.
  • Development of the SOL master urban plan.
  • Liaison with Duany Plater Zyberk.
  • Managing engagement with Christchurch City Council.
  • Individual project concept development.
  • Feasibility analysis.
  • Technical team briefing and engagement.
  • Negotiation and oversight of construction contracts.
  • Progress claim management.
  • Tenanting strategy development.
  • Submissions to the local authority’s annual plan, long-term plan and CBD revitalisation strategy.

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