What sets us apart

As a small-scale independent business your patronage means more to us and our focus is on results, not the number of clients. Maximising the financial outcome from a property or project sale or lease offering, a project development, or an acquisition, involves making important decisions. We understand this and are committed to ensuring the process is as straight forward as possible for the stakeholders involved through effective communication, provision of relevant, timely and high quality information and removal of barriers. Our deep experience, knowledge and systems allow us to provide a truly professional service and achieve an optimum result for our clients — regardless of the magnitude or complexity of the task.

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Development Direction

Wintergardens (now known as Five Mile) was a regional retail and commercial centre planned for 32 hectares of land near Queenstown by Australian investor Terrace Tower — a private company owned by John Saunders AO who was co-founder of the Westfield Group. We were retained as lead consultant for the project concept development, design development and RMA consent strategy and procurement phases. The project started as a privately initiated plan change under the Resource Management Act before being superseded by the territorial authority district plan review process. Our role involved managing the technical team comprising architect, landscape architect, civil engineers, planners, soil scientists, aviation experts, acoustic and traffic engineers, lawyers and economist. It also involved conceiving and implementing a substantial communications strategy and programme which resulted in unprecedented ‘grass roots’ community backing (1,600 written submissions of support during the hearings process — a record at the time). Notwithstanding RMA hurdles, aggressive tactics by commercial competitors and local council opposition — approval was eventually gained at the Environment Court after a five-year battle.



  • Site acquisition.
  • Coordinating master site planning.
  • Briefing the technical team.
  • Presentations to potential retail anchors.
  • Implementing the communications strategy.
  • Conducting public presentations & workshops.
  • Making submissions/presentations to QLDC.
  • Giving evidence to QLDC & Environment Court.

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